Supporting research into helping save the lives of children with Bone marrow respiratory disease.


Bone Marrow

Each year, globally,
approximately 5000
children undergo BMT.


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The Bella Tripp Foundation is more than just a name,

it’s a tribute to a young girl whose heart overflowed with kindness and whose love knew no bounds.

Bella’s radiant spirit lives on in every aspect of this foundation, inspiring us to make the world a kinder place, one act of love at a time.

The Bella Tripp Foundation was established in August 2023 in loving memory of Isabella Claire Tripp – Bella.

Bella’s Story

Bella’s Story

Isabella Tripp, who was affectionately called Bella, was a beautiful young girl who sadly lost her life in April 2022 at aged 14 due to respiratory complications from a bone marrow transplant following a lengthy battle with leukaemia.

Bella’s Legacy

It is Bella’s legacy and the work of the Foundation that will facilitate the much-needed funding to help researchers understand the respiratory complications of bone marrow transplants in children.

Bella T
The Complication

The Complication

The journey for a child and their family when treating a disease like leukaemia is long and requires many invasive medical treatments – treatments that take a heavy toll on not just the body but the mental health of the child and their loved ones.